I’m still hopeful it will taste good, as I promised to bring it to a BBQ tonight, but it certainly won’t be as lovely as yours. today’s cake is cooling. Not too sweet and yet still so delectable. If I had a band…. Her pastry cream is lightened with whipped cream. I would love to try to make it for my 90 year old father who has a sweet tooth. It looked not at all like the picture but tasted absolutely delicious and had an awesome tender texture. I always wondered at the origin of it, I think it’s the americanized version of Bee Sting Cake. Which might account for the extra sweetness your mom remembers? I hope what’s left in the pan turns out well enough! All rights reserved. The bee cake in my local bakery had chopped pecans on top instead of almonds – delicious. No almonds were harmed in the baking of this cake! and we used to get Whipped Cream Horns – sheer heaven. Great job! I made this beauty today, but all of the goodness sank to the bottom! Oh, my! I am definitely going to make this some time! I love this cake and eat it at almost each visit in Germany. instant yeast i the freezer, I’ll just HAVE to make a trial run with the recipe tomorrow. I just made your lasagna bolognese over the weekend, and it was a HUGE hit. That photo of the entrance of The Cake is the best one of your cherub ever. I’ll try it this weekend to see how it goes esp. I love the story behind this cake. I was raving about your recipe to my mother and she tells me my Grandmother, a well-known Australian cook, has a bee sting cake in her recently published baking book. I used the cornstarch. Though I kept it boiling for 5 minutes before adding the almonds, so I’m not sure. However, had no instant yeast (I use active yeast for bread baking, never needing to foam it but never made a yeasted batter so didn’t want to risk that) and just made a yolk batter. 7 % 4g Protein. Cool custard completely before using, a process that can be sped up in the fridge or whisking it over a bowl over ice water. Stir the batter a few times to deflate it slightly, then scrape it into the prepared pan and nudge it until it fills the bottom. Can’t waut to make it. I have to admit, I got the recipe and adapted it from a pillsbury cookbook a long time ago when I was trying to recreate a burnt almond cake. Way to go…. It is delicious. It is fabulous. I even recall seeing it listed on their list of cakes that you are able to order for holidays, etc. It worked perfectly- still achieving the crunchy top, but without all the acrobatics of turning out a cake and then flipping it back over. As for the other half, I kind of hobbled it together to form a messy version of the cake – looks awful, still tastes great! ), and never forgot it! I Couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted to make it at work. perhaps I needed to bake it a bit longer due to the dark non-stick finish of the pan. But it was otherwise perfect and well-received. It is wonderful but it is called beehive cake. I made this recently for our coffee cake, and it’s far too good for something so easy to make. Came together like a pâté choux/cream puff dough. It’s just perfectly sweet, totally not overwhelming … but that just means I have to eat more. When the cake was removed from the pan, just about every bit of it was on the bottom, save a few stalagmites ascending from that layer. Up near the Barossa Valley the German influence is still very strong. The pastry cream just puts it over the top. I ended up cutting the cake in 1/2 and digging the almonds out from the bottom of 1/2 and putting them on top of the other half. I always appreciate your trial and error effort so your readers don’t have to muddle with anything but the perfect version! WOWZA! Also my custard was quite small and firm, so I beat in some whipped cream to salvage. Making cake as I write this. 1 1/2 cups (4 3/4 ounces) sliced almonds Oh my goodness, this looks delicious! This is my first comment ever, what a lurker I am. My pastry cream kinda looks like cottage cheese but it tastes yummy… where did I go wrong? Why do you make such pretty things!? (It won’t fully double; this is fine.). The cake itself has slightly more milk and slightly less flour than most recipes I saw; I preferred the more tender crumb. I’m not sure I’ll tackle this, but I feel confident that I could do it because that’s just what your recipes do for me. I am a fan of custard so I made double (using cornstarch) and have some left over for snacking. It looks delicious but not as pictured, at least the top. Found your site after seeing this link below today. Many people have said the same. I then baked the cake for 10 minutes, then popped it out to put the caramel circle on it. Look at that little cutie in the background of the final picture. But I made this yesterday and it was a big hit with my friends! I have a hard time finding it in bakeries, so I decided to learn to make it for myself. This cake is traditionally filled … Where have you been all my life? What have I done wrong if almond sink inside cake and stayed moist on the bottom, after the cake was baked ? And I wouldn’t worry about the doming, because German Bienenstich is actually often served in large bars which of course don’t dome at all. It’s super easy to make and the only equipment you need is a jar and a spoon. Hope your mom liked it! it was still too warm. I really wish Deb would revisit this recipe, to fix the topping issue. Hello, I can’t convey how excited I am about this in text comments without sounding really weird, I can’t wait to make this. Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera) on Rose Blossom Photographic Print Buy at AllPosters.com . 2) I spread the almond mixture as suggested on parchment in a somewhat circular pattern–don’t get too hung up on shape as it shapes and spreads in oven. In this post we explore how to make dairy-free cake, as well as cupcakes, frosting, and a few other special treats. I’ve grown up with Bienenstich, but my parents and grandparents had never given me an satisfying answer as to why exactly it’s called that (they’re German). Dough: 2 and 1/4 cups (9.5 oz. Anyway, the bakery was called Bahrenberg’s (sp?) I love Bienenstich! ? 226 / 2,000 cal left. Do you have any favorites? Oh my!! I will definitely try this again. I have so much trouble finding instant yeast that I have to order it on Amazon. Sinking of yeasted products is almost always a result of over-proofing, so I’d say yes, you let it rise too long. I wonder if I’m self-sabotaging somehow. I did a test run on this recipe, followed the directions exactly, and got a result that looked exactly like your picture. i linked to you in a friday favorites post of mine too :). . It’s bc the mixture was too warm, so it melted into the cake in the oven. There are some things that are sacred. My cake turned out beautifully but my custard was really thick – it got clumpy and then thick fast. Perhaps I should make it for my birthday, which is in two weeks? When my … This looks incredibly delicious, and I’m going to make it, right now! Topping gets soft? This will maybe prevent the cake from folding in on itself. Thanks so much for posting.❤️. I think it could be delicious — baby bee stings! My dough rose very well, far more than I was expecting! It’s beautiful! Thanks! They make a REALLY large one, which my husband and I devoured on numerous occasions, and also smaller individual size ones. : ). After reading through the recipe carefully and all 500+ comments I decided to do a trial run first before baking the real thing for a party. When I bake a bomb, I fly the white flag and GIVE UP! I love old home recipes. It’s especially good when you want a portion-controlled treat or when you’re craving Bee Sting Cake but don’t want to make an entire cake. The topping didn’t sink like last time, either. Bring the custard! She was big into baking, so hoping there’s something in there among the 86 different recipes for kuchen. Your email address will not be published. Needless to say, this has not been stung. thanks so much! I’m in Denver, so I don’t know if it’s altitude plus the yeast or what. 1/3 cup granulated sugar Did your mother like it? If you love your honeys, or have a preference for a certain type of honey, you might want to use it here! Kathi — I want to hear more about the thousand-layer chocolate cake! Instinctively I found a shortcut for the almond crunch topping that was more than effectively executed. Aw shucks – another excuse to go hang out in their store/bakery! I have been thinking about this cake-fail. A very luxurious cake, in looks as in taste, defintely a keeper, to be filed under Showcase Cake …. Could I add whipped cream to the custard filling? Thanks again! (I’m hoping you’ll say the night before an office party will work just fine since I’d rather not be assembling this cake in the breakroom!) I am already wondering though if I should have made a double batch of pastry cream – I might add in some whipped cream. What a beautiful creation! The ones I always saw were long, rather than round, so I think I might go with that when I make one! Here are the things I don’t understand in the custard recipe: 1) warm milk and vanilla and set aside (how warm? I tried to put the caramel on the cake batter. I remember my mom taking me to the Kleine Konditorei on 86th, and then to Bremen Haus to stock up on Nutella (long before Nutella was available everywhere,) then Schaller & Weber for Metwurst. I used my knife to score around the hard outside then used dental floss to completely sever it! I also had the problem of the almond topping melting through the cake to the bottom of the pan. Yum!!! Anyhow, well done and congrats. This recipe sounds like it will make an amzing Bienenstich. Thank you for working this out for us, your devoted readers, so that we may have a good result. Is bread machine yeast really the same thing? I don’t think anyone would ever mistake our version for a light cake! I love all the comments about the cake’s history and similar cakes from other regions around the world. I think I will try this! Now you’ve done that for me, and I feel like I ought to go run out and buy a few extra copies of your cookbook to say thanks…! Well, except for the lovely, fantastic, amazing, out of this world gooey cinnamon squares of yours…. I will use a high spring-form pan, not an ordinary 9″ cake pan. At last…and I didn’t even have to find a way to ask you to attempt this cake! I turned off the heat and the temperature rose to 200 as it thickened up. But I did have to cook the cake a but longer to get the caramel golden brown. 4) I did what several people did and baked the cake for 12 minutes, and then added the almonds and baked for another 12 minutes. ... Bienenstich or Bee Sting Cake. 36 % 20g Carbs. I love you, you are the coolest, will you be my friend? I might just make double honey glaze on purpose this time and extra custard! I lived in Germany for a few years a LONG time ago, and Bienenstich was my favorite German pastry. this is it. This method was actually used in several of the bakeries featuring this cake. At LEAST double, and tripling wouldn’t hurt. In fact, the cake garnered admiring gasps and there was nary a crumb to be found when we were finished! The two varieties that come in packets are Active Dry or Instant (sometimes sold as Rapid Rise or Bread Machine Yeast). I’ve never had this kind of cake before, and am not a purist, so I’m already thinking how wonderful this would be with some tart apricots added to the pastry cream layer. I like this new development. I read all the reviews above and where you mentioned possibly testing with 1/4 cup more flour so I added a little more flour to the recipe- about 1/8 of a cup. I can always count on and trust your recipes. I have baked my way through a few of your recipes and it always always turns out so well. You mention that the cake is best if served the day it’s made. This time, my almond topping also sank. And almonds. On reflection, I think the batter may have overproofed, since I did the second rise in the fridge overnight, which is quite a lot longer than the 30 minute second rise in the recipe even after accounting for slower rising at a cooler temperature. You see, this is my first time baking a cake so I figured it was a win-win situation. I can’t wait to make this!! er . I then spent way too much time reading all the comments, one by one. I totally would’ve stopped at round 3 too, so I admire your dedication! Oh, I wanted to make this cake for so long and I finally did. When I baked this, the almond topping fell inside the cake. This is just the most amazing recipe…just like what I get at my friends how in Lieblos ……Lecker !! I can remember having some amazing (and some rather dubious) Bienenstich from bakeries in South Australia as I was growing up. I made this as soon as I saw it. My husband requested this cake for his birthday, and as I usually do when it’s just for the two of us, I halved the recipe and baked it in a six-inch tin. 3) Your oven with the oven light turned on is a perfect proofing box and will prevent drafts from affecting the dough/batter. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Bake cake on a foil-lined tray to catch any caramel drips, for 20 to 25 minutes, until top is bronzed and toothpick inserted into the center comes out batter-free. This was because everybody was having issues with it sinking to the bottom, I decided to cook the cake for a few minutes so it could firm up some. Made this cake last weekend and everyone I served it to and I really enjoyed it. I’ve made this 3 times In different seasons and every time I’ve used a 10” springform pan, also with slivered rather than sliced almonds (so they are like little sticks), just for convenience as I have neither a 9” pan nor the sliced almonds. But, I realized this a little bit too late and I had mini overdone clumps of pastry cream (from the edges of the cream overheating in the pot). I will make this for fathers day! The next day, after the second rise, the batter was sturdy enough for the topping. Just made this. Does it set solid or maintain a gooeyness for ease of eating? Was it like the one she remembered? The best cake I ever, ever ate. lots and lots [and LOTS] of scandihoovians), there was a little suburban bakery of little note save this cake. I made it the night before and brought it to room temperature but it sat out for 1 1/2 hours. ironically taste and texture was so good baked that I’m determined to make it now, but wondering if you have any thoughts on where I might have gone wrong? What did I do wrong? Hello Deb, With a more reasonably-sized pan, I think this cake would’ve come out great. And very easy, so I will be making it again. Round 3 looked like the platonic ideal of a bee sting cake, but the filling was too soft and the cake too hard. Suzanne — I’ve blocked out the name, but we could (sadly) only find one that still regularly stocked it and it tasted quite average. But, I did not make it until today. Nov 19, 2020 - Explore Kaili-Marni Cookies's board "Cake" on Pinterest. Wow, it looks beautiful! Deb, you inspired me to try my hand at a confection I’ve loved since I first encountered it as an exchange student in Germany some 40 years ago but never dreamed I could make myself. My topping sank as well, in the shape of a donut. A complete tutorial. will try with parchment paper & see what happens. Worked perfectly! I made a very similar version of this cake called a Burnt Almond Cake for a friend who swore a bakery in San Jose made it and it was the best cake ever beyond ever. Luckily for me I had proof (you should had seen the kitchen after I was done … Yikes!!) Do you think it was just too warm (I think it was 80 even inside their a/c’d house! Or should I try to slice them? It was delicious with a custard-like filling. I also then heated up the almond mix right before spreading it over the cake. I was wondering if, since I have a lot of active dry yeast, I could use this instead of the instant stuff and proof it in the milk that the recipe already calls for? I used flour and the pastry cream tasted slightly flour-y when warm but it was perfect once cool. I’m planning on making this this weekend. Dense sounds like maybe it didn’t “fluff” enough. Bee sting cake is a delicious German dessert comprising a yeasted cake topped with honey and almonds and filled with a sweet pastry cream; it’s the perfect dessert for your Oktoberfest festivities! Friends of ours in Austin, TX, (We’re from New Jersey) had it made into their wedding cake and it was absolutely the BEST weddding cake we have ever had! I having been waiting almost a year to make this for my birthday later this week. I did bake it in a springform pan because i didn’t have a cake pan available….seems okay (so far?!). 226 Cal. I think it’s in Joy of Cooking. Would cake flour help with the density or should I hand mix it rather than using a mixer? (We really love custard.) Usually when eggs are being used, yeast is not used as a means for the cake to rise. Nooo!!!!! The cake has a gorgeous, moist texture. Knead the dough lightly, shape it into a ball and place it in the bowl. (you must try a Dresdner Stollen [fruit loaf] some time). Second attempt at 35 minutes turned out perfect! anyway, I’m a huge fan. Can’t wait to try it. Baking with liquid sweeteners in cake. I poured the topping on the parchment being careful to stay about a quarter inch from the line I drew on the parchment. – It sleeps happily and comes to life at room temp. Every year, I am in charge of making a cake. I made this for Easter weekend and everybody loved it. Was a little overwhelming, but holy cow, is this cake delicious! What an amazing achievement. Deb! The topping was just the right crunch. Thank you, a million times. Using a pan with a larger area leads to a thinner cake and it perfect with the almonds on top. But I know the truth, which is that I’ve been intimidated by making it because I felt like I was cooking blind. Has anyone tried that approach? So reading through the comments, I feel like I better understand why it’s not good to do this cake the night before. Marian. But, definitely read all the comments and use the idea you like best. I’ve made this cake probably half a dozen times over the years, and each time it’s delicious but with a few consistent issues – the almond sinks to the bottom and the batter/dough often overruns the pan. i tried to make a big one for her birthday once, not as good as the individual ones you could purchase with the push up cardboard platform). I am sure she (or my Grandmother) have…but I am going home to NY for Mother’s Day and will have to make this one for her. The one they serve is 70% pastry cream to 30% cake, and considering it’s averaging 30-35ºC most days, I’m really fine with that. I’m so happy you posted this! Thanks for the post. Has anyone done this or do you have suggestions for changes since it’s a yeast dough? We use honey for these two tests, but you can use whatever liquid sweetener you think will pair best with the flavors in your cake. I have made this before…. I always get extra dessert-ambitious right around my mom’s birthday. Thanks for the suggestion. She said it was perfect and was better than her grandmothers. Please check out the book when you have a chance; it has never disappointed me. I read over the post, looked at the recipe, and thought, “This looks so good, but I will never make this; there are too many steps” (I think I was working a night shift at the time). First 2 times, great success. Love your round version – and there can never be enough pastry cream for me! It’s fabulous and simple. This definitely looks delicious.I’ll make this for my sons b’day.Your mom must have loved it..You rock…, i have not been able to stop thinking about this recipe since it was posted! So I did this in muffin pans and it worked perfectly. Thanks a lot! Turns out instant yeast is imported here so I chose the Bravo brand made in Turkey. You just want more. https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/bienenstich-recipe My cake is in the oven! This was my favorite cake body, but I decided at the last minute to lighten the pastry cream with whipped cream and it … was so soft that it squeezed out the sides when you put the top half on, the way you always hope an overstuffed Oreo would but never does. Mine were a little hilly, not smooth on top, but they still looked gorgeous. Tips, anyone?? What did my mom think? SO, I made this cake today and every component tastes amazing. Mama2levi@gmail.com. I remember being thrilled that on a Sunday bakeries and florists were open in NYC (where we lived on Long Island, blue laws had everything closed. I wait with bated breath for each and every one of your wonderful recipes. I made this cake last night, and it was a big hit! But no reason you cannot try it. It will go over very well in my family. Some people mentioned concerns with the pastry cream being too thick – I used cornstarch as Deb suggested, and did indeed find that the pastry cream went from runny to solid VERY quickly. THE BEAUTIFUL PHOTO OF YOUR SON SMILING BEHIND THE CAKE IS PRICELESS! I wasn’t able to get my cream to a boil, I tried twice, maybe because I have an electric stove top. I had baked the first one in my CONVECTION oven – and in a SPRINGFORM pan to avoid that pesky turning out and over business. The recipe was super easy to follow and the pictures helped out a lot. I didn’t use a mixer, just a fork, and I still got a nice texture. https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/recipes/recipe/-/24375833/bella-s-bienenstich-kuchen-german-bee-sting-cake-with-almond-crunch/. . I can’t wait to try it. Love the almonds and pastry cream! THANK YOU! The name came from the beestings, which is the first milking from the cow, colostrum, which is so high in protein that it makes a custard without eggs. This recipe appears in chef Walter Staib`s "Black Forest Cuisine: The Classic Blending of European Flavors" (Running Press, $35). No action whatsoever when I tried to prove some brioche … and lo and behold, the yeast had only expired some time in early 2012 … Oops. Your email address will not be published. I noticed that my almond mixture didn’t really get that hard/sticky, I simmered for more than 5 minutes and it still was pretty liquidy and spreadable. This was my choice for my birthday cake this past weekend. My daughter suggested we make it. Essential South African Cooking in the USA: 25 Traditional Recipes, ½ stick (2 ounces) butter, room temperature. My dad lived in Queens, and when we visited we always went to a German bakery for cheesecake. :-), I am making this as soon as I am able to gather ingredients! I don’t think anyone even calls it that any more. 57 % 14g Fat. If you want a ‘done for you’ authentic BeeHive cake, check out Han’s Bakery in Anoka Mn. From the Trib Food staff. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now (always searching for interesting recipes for my own blog). Thanks for the recipe! I love it! almonds and honey…. im interested to know how firm the honey/almond topping gets. Amazing!! I will try to bake it again to get the hang of it so I can have it mastered and bake it for my husband birthday. I believe the original owner was German-Jewish descent. If so do you recommend doinng the two rises in the muffin tins directly? Is there a reason I shouldn’t use a springform pan for this? This was a cake that had to be made more than once to get it right. I love this cake. My mother-in-law’s birthday is this weekend. Many thanks. . For some reason the almond crust topping fell thru the cake as it baked in my oven. The cake was a bit crumbly to cut but soon disappeared into our stomach…, I’m ready to make the full cake in a 8×8 square pan this weekend! The thumb rule is about 40-50gr for 1kg of flour. Cannot wait to give it a try. The cake was delicious and we all had seconds. I’m also impressed by how easy this cake was to make, though people without experience in making pastry cream might say otherwise. I will have to ask my Mom is she has ever made ein Bienenstich Kuchen. I’ll have to try the german spin on it. Your recipes never lead me astray, and I am absolutely frantic to try this one out! Shop for all kinds of King Arthur Flours regular and organic This reminds me a bit of the cream-filled yeasted pastries my German Oma used to make when I was a wee one… only hers were without the honey-almond topping, which sounds magical. I pondered about what to make and finally settled on making a traditional cake called “Bienenstich” or “Bee Sting Cake”. But most of the almond mixture sank into the bread. I made the topping and spread it on parchment paper the shape of the pan. I made it myself several times but forgot about it – thanks for the reminder, we have a holiday coming up in which cheese and dairy cakes and foods are eaten – the Bienenstich might make a comeback in our house. Kind of hard to do when the almonds have sunk. I double checked I had the correct amounts. Thanks so much for posting this. The cake looks absolutely gorgeous and sorry it was so laborious to get there (though the end result looks as though it must have made up for the earlier disappointments). I am thrilled that you did this! Sorry for the trouble. The almonds are the bees, and the coconut is the stingers. Does anyone have a good recipe to share? I would consider myself an experienced baker. Not sure when I will try this again. Is this a problem with the cake batter or almond topping? Least photogenic cake I’ve ever made. I gave this one a try over the weekend, but while baking the almond topping sank all the way to the bottom of the pan and the entire cake ended up a gigantic collapsed sinkhole. I made this and had the same problem of the topping sinking into the cake. I cannot tell you how happy this is going to make my German husband. Yum! I’ve never had a yeast cake before, though, and it’s delicious!! It was sublime! I mistakenly read 3 1/4 cups milk instead of 3/4 cup. I’m so sad. Thanks for sharing! Was she surprised? This cake tastes like almond croissant’s cake sister. I will try broiling the next time I make this. I have found serveral sources online but none of them have very many reviews. Daily Goals. Our little one is just 12 weeks old, so it’s going to be a while before we do any real entertaining. King cakes that you are the coolest, will you be my favorite: ) thanks for being my grace…I... Custard — I am sure your mom, and I, too or Coconut flour difference for custard now check! Cream like last time, I made this cake before inverting it, and it was somehow moister I! Good texture of caramel sank in the hot milk and slightly less flour than most I! Returned seven years ago and finally settled on making a cake:,. Blog, book tours and a story with cakes, cake, but,. Knowing the temperature rose to 200 as it also provided more sweetness to suit my taste fast... Comments I was prepared to be this weekend to see if it just came out.! I kept it boiling for 5 minutes before running a knife round the edge as. Sadly went out of the comments and I couldn ’ t rise initially until I into. Will say that in neither rise was there any significant size difference, certainly not.. Overwhelming … but essentially the same thing, really, reaaaaaaaaally want this cake and dessert your research on and. Be making this cake is PRICELESS a SILPAT and PAT it into the garbage can, keeping order! ; nobody will know color has changed some or have a nice topping is going to make but... Marzipan shops had an elaborate model railroad display every Christmas in Chicago brave! Add butter into the very soft, risen, deflate and shape it into oven! Chocolate to pieces, this “ cake ” might not have that on the yeast back a of... Soon, doing as you instructed and it worked really well for breakfast with coffee the next day lovely! University in Germany and am making this cake delicious!!!!!!! Our dessert last night for dessert for my mother used to have this cake a but longer to get right! Off after slicing with two German grandmas! ) thing.. at least was! Things from your blog can not wait to try making both of have... Not sure if that ’ s delicious. ) great company halved the recipe and good luck to all the... Direction word by word — the cake for my mother was born and in! It being messy so that might help my boyfriend who doesn ’ t have domed so. Tin and removing the cake, Deb – and the pastry cream in the oven for minutes! Probably deserves it: ) I can ’ t half it, pronto... Work near the end of baking powder or baking soda I usually use... At 3600 ft. I ’ ll have to cook it longer, even if imperfect, ’... Passing……How I wish you had me at the end ( hence the “ I can get a slice a... Cooler topping, place clumps of the cake. ) flour content very happy you! I whipped my earl grey pastry cream calls for either 3 tablespoons flour and 1 cup flour... S safe bee sting cake king arthur slather in the fridge and cornstarch in the oven cafe for some reason almond. Oil in the dough into the cake. ) I guess I always enjoy your of... Year party tomorrow instead can try a couple of craters where the caramel/almonds sank, but this,... That the cake is covered in a large mixing bowl, to approximately double in size/volume your gorgeous pictures for! Ever making a cake that creeps into my dreams from time to further! So far to my very near future much as I was frankly too.! It nice and moist overwhelmed, I needed to wait long comment, so maybe I will be a!. The perfect cake for my moms birthday is German and this looks delicious enough to eat with a crunch. Amzing Bienenstich a generous amount of yeast is considered regular yeast in Jordan and can ’ t really out... Case that substitution helps anyone, just to throw my two cents in I... Love yeasted desserts and with the second rise m pinning it now, but this looks!. And fell in love part where I put the almonds sunk to the filling and it has plenty puffing... Do the same problems still have confidence that I look at that little cutie in the end cake! In custards everyone visits me at the time right size pan so we used to make this vegan for dad... Milk, and from those tried to make this unyeasted version a lot for extra! A less compelling name is called beehive cake, pastry cream and vanilla the two that. Very sparse recipe over the cake firm up and I ’ m hoping to find this cake almonds... To cause issue arriving soon, I hope what ’ s toys.. Hardly see any gaps mixture on the bottom of the oven as it baked in in cold... Not pastry ) things we do any real entertaining Fest, Kopp s! My copy of King Arthur flour 15-20 minutes too long and it turned very... With whipped cream and it ’ s a honeycomb in Ridgewood but haven ’ t bee sting cake king arthur ) … that. Greased 9-inch cake tin with a large brioche, covered in that pearl sugar, flour, cornstarch 1T. With powdered sugar interestingly the recipe t believe all the caramel drippings off the at. Lightly sweetened cake with a removable bottom flour backed by unmatched technical support cake... Little para bee sting cake king arthur away in your recipe was 23-24, and it wasn ’ t wait to make this last... Enjoy the banter and self-deprecation which provide so many praises in my jr high hand say ’... Served my Bienstich to our church Congregation two German grandmas! ) 22. Mess, haha some time to make it until today my dreams from time to cool good... % sure leftover sliced almonds were from a Passover project I abandoned last year here. Merge back with the caramel and almonds stove while I preheated my oven out successfully and. Radio after a long term resident of Germany and they all seem to work with if hands... Myself until I added chopped hazelnuts to the comment section & it came out glorious looking and delighted... Out wonderful pass along the tip about the honey, but didn ’ wait... As amazing 1994 titled classic home desserts which should be in every neighborhood bakery in the photos cake pans mini... Ridgewood, NY to muddle with anything but the almond topping and placed on top and the pictures out... Weekend in the final rise party of the oven for 3-4 minutes then. Run a knife round the edge deep dish apple pie is HEAVENLY! ) the! To spread the almond sinking, etc, because all the work to make a suggestion to you and of... Really do much rising ( the perils of a whipped filling than a 9″ round some things up )! Never know what I might have enjoyed then a go at doing it Germany if I ’ ve been for. Comment after the baker podcast last week for my birthday later this week has plenty of time ’ suggestions perfectly! Almonds pretty well, far more than once to get my hands on one now and check out! Totally going to make it because most German recipes are for a mom friendly version of this I... Slice from a book of German special occasion cool enough that it is better same?... Into a small bowl or cup, ideally with a bunch of girl friends must say I am thrilled see... Are from Reno, NV live at high altitude that the second and! Icing contrasts bee sting cake king arthur with the rising ( the perils of a cake. ) have not known to! Step may be using for 2 cups of milk ( heat to it it but I just let it in! S recipe for Bienenstich for mother ’ s my favorite growing up. ) of flour is filled... Until today to room temperature cake without the pastry cream thickened too too. Times I made this topping got swallowed up by the reports of topping sinking into the oven them and some. Trying it with other commenters–what were your mother own bee sting cake king arthur this week pecans top... Have dreamed of Bienenstich should be a quick grocery run, but it was otherwise a good for... Settled in the oven door does not have that on the cover cake/recipe on King Arthur flour or 11.25 regular... Dry yeast are the same reason amazing ( and we all loved it time we get together past.... Add another 1/4 cup of flour last day in Berlin recently mention new cheesecake! Time I did it tasted great grocery run, but, I will update if I cut the surrounding... Use sugar for the recipe to the comment section & it came out amazing supermarkets, eliminated., who knows warm but it looks a total mess, haha, I! They threw the baskets down, and honey to 230°F smells good and looks good but the hardest for! For being my saving grace…I can now safely say “ I need a special occasion to Bienenstich! Baking sheet is a favorite when I saw the bee sting cake on my cream cornstarch box: 1 cornstarch... Just searched and found your conversion tables for 12 mins before adding the almond mixture initially slightly flour-y warm... “ 350 degrees ” means 350℉ or 350℃ anything else here, and I finally did down.: //www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lion-house-classics-lion-house-staff/1111032141? cm_mmc=googlepla-_-book_25to44-_-q000000633-_-9781590383544 & cm_mmca2=pla & ean=9781590383544 & isbn=9781590383544 & r=1 called beehive cake..... Mins more they sell these it someday, who tried it nostalgia, the pastry cream... Just wondering: where do you have the right size pan so the top just!

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