I probably don’t need to tell you which way I went. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this recipe! Anybody else thinking about eating the Honey Almond Crunch topping by itself? when i was in the south of france a few years back there was something called a ‘tarte tropezienne,’ and although it was not quite the same, it is very similar, and it was the best thing i ate the entire vacation. I have often wondered if any of them were still there. I made this cake when I was 23-24, and lived in Germany. They make a version of this cake that creeps into my dreams from time to time. A loose-bottomed cake tin with a base of parchment paper works well. It didn’t have as much topping as this recipe so I’m not sure if that might be a factor in the success of this method. Next time I make this, I’m going to whip some cream and fold it into the custard, just for a little extra glamour. Yeah, it probably would make a great tea cake as it is, but, my birthday was this week and I want the full Monty . So beautiful! I double checked I had the correct amounts. I cannot wait to try this. Thanks so much for posting.❤️. Overall, this was a great success, THANK YOU! If I was sitting at the table, looking at the candles on this fabulous cake, I would be smiling right along with that happy little person in the photo. I’ve probably made around 50 or so of the recipes here, and not a single one has ever failed me. Judith — Freezer! Sticks also doesn’t do it as my country does not have that on the packs. I feel like I can taste it through my computer screen! It’s like hearing a really important and wonderful song on the radio after a long time. I made this cake tonight and it was so wonderful. one honey-soaked almond fell off upon inverting. I love the story behind this cake. So I made this over the weekend and unfortunately during the baking most of the almond topping got swallowed up by the cake. We’ve been writing down a number of Oma’s signature dishes so that we can keep cooking them ourselves. It cooled and I could easily pick it up and place it gently onto the top of the cake. I pondered about what to make and finally settled on making a traditional cake called “Bienenstich” or “Bee Sting Cake”. My family usually enjoys it with a pretty high whipped cream to pastry cream ratio, but to each his own! When I saw the picture, my youth came flooding back- I can hardly wait to try your recipe. I’m definitely going to make it again – it was so good. After 10 minutes, run a knife along the outside of the cake, making sure no places are stuck and invert the cake onto the cooling rack. Thus, it should surprise nobody that it’s taken me nearly four years to conquer the cake you see here, which sounds even worse if you consider that it was a special request from my own mother, as this was her favorite growing up. At Fantastia, it was called the “Beehive” and the proportions of the cake was 1 inch cake base, 2 inches custard, and 1 inch cake top. Using the paddle attachment of a table mixer (if available), mix at low speed for 4-5 minutes (otherwise mix and knead by hand), to combine and develop the elasticity. I think 1/2 package of yeast may be sufficient in the future. Danka! Then broke off cooled pieces of the almond topping and placed on top of cake and finished baking. What did I do wrong and how can I correct it? This is really SO lovely, Deb. I can’t thank you enough for That baked cheesecake with the fruit filling baked into the topping is my idea of New York cheesecake (not the pudding-like cheesecake chilled on top of a graham cracker crust). I could taste each version you baked. :). You have no idea how thrilled I was to see this. The name came from the beestings, which is the first milking from the cow, colostrum, which is so high in protein that it makes a custard without eggs. 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour or cornstarch [updated] I didn’t have any instant yeast so I just proofed my active dry in some warm milk with a teaspoon of sugar or so. He’ll be thrilled! It looks to die for, though. Use in any recipe calling for active dry yeast: artisan loaves, pizza, sandwich bread, bagels, rolls, and more. I used a 9 inch springform pan, so no issues with dripping caramel or getting it out of the pan. Since then, with your site and the help of America’s Test Kitchen cookbook (those tips are GOOD for beginners), I’ve become a pretty good home chef/baker if I say so myself! Minimal sinkage. . I made this for my mother’s birthday and it was a hit!!! We are going to a German dinner at Christmas and have been assigned to bring dessert, but we had never tasted this cake before. Instant can be mixed right in (as I do here, no pre-proofing) so my educated guess would be that the latter is the equivalent of Instant Yeast. He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. And since I use many of your recipes regularly, I trust that it will be a perfect Beecake. It is my most favourite cake and I haven’t had it since I returned seven years ago. Check that out, they copied your cake – I have also let them know they copied your work ! Your recipe looks and sounds just like that wonderful Bienenstich (which had real vanilla pastry cream). Then made cake batter and put it on top. Yes, really my name is ‘Texas’. You are a good daughter, Deb – and also a good mom and a good wife – the trifecta of goodness! Also many years ago I went to cooking school in NY and there on Saturdays Yorkville appeared. No sinking. I didn’t have overflow, but it was full! Set aside. If they do, it’s sure to be good as his other cakes are excellent. It’s one of the most typically sold in bakery shops. I “run” at a treadmill speed that would never catch a thief, and barely these days, a preschooler on the loose. Maybe I’ll just cut out the middle when I slice it in half to add the custard. Hm, I’ve made this cake twice now. Thanks for all your amazing recipes! I remember calling it the bee cake. Not sure why I hadn’t responded sooner. Bienenstich Cake, or "bee sting cake" has a rich history. I loved the story of how this came to be. It worked for me. Made this for Easter today. I don’t have a standing mixer, could I use regular beaters? So excited!! A person needs fruit in a cake. I was totally drooling when you described this cake on the Joy the Baker podcast. I love it a lot tho at times your recipes are a bit rich for me. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/8039/bee-sting-cake-bienenstich-ii I wimped out with the pudding and used a Dr Oetker mixture which was a bit easier. This is my favourite cake. I’ve been searching for it ever since (not hard, clearly, since Google would surely deliver, but in every one of my dozens of baking books, to no avail). I live just around the corner from King Arthur Flour, so I may take a suggestion from one of the commenters and check out their version. This was a favorite when I was on a mission in Germany. I ate a piece of this cake on my last day in Berlin recently. Yeast cakes are very popular here but we never added cream, only nuts or berries. It’s very, very similar to your Bienenstich and I can only imagine that it is a descendant. Thank you so much! Thanks for the recipe! One of my favorite cake. They have a bakery called Hans Bakery that makes this cake. TODAY MARKS THE THIRD ANNIVERARY OF MY MOTHER’S PASSING……HOW I WISH I COULD BAKE HER A BIRTHDAY CAKE ONCE AGAIN! I MUST try this cake. Thank you!! As I said, we finished up the first one and it was great. Round 3 looked like the platonic ideal of a bee sting cake, but the filling was too soft and the cake too hard. almond extract I had bienenstich in Munich and at the time thought, surprisingly, it was not sweet enough. Do you have any ideas of what I might have done wrong? In many bread machine recipes, they reduce the amount of yeast by a half teaspoon when using SAF yeast. this is one of my most favorite posts you’ve ever done. Made this cake last night and it was a big hit at book club!! Bake another 10-12 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean. I greased a springform pan and lined the bottom with parchment paper. Is bread machine yeast really the same thing? Has anyone yet tried to remedy the sinking almonds with the extra flour? My host father in Germany used to make this and we ate it often, weekly, either homemade or from the bakery. Have a nice day ! In that I am planning to indulge myself anyway, I would be “over the moon” happy if you could do your recipe for Napoleon cake. If I every do a third try, I’ll definitely up the flour content. Occasional bits of nuts that want to hang onto the pan can then just be laid down in the gaps – if you tip it out while warm it is still shapeable till it cools and hardens. 1/2 tsp. I, too, had the issue with the almonds sinking but from the previous comments I don’t think it had to do with waiting a day to bake it. My mother-in-law, who was German, would make the drive quite often, sometimes picking me up, and we’d have a treat there and she’d pick up her whole bee hive to bring home. Just some thoughts. I’ve waited 20 minutes now hoping she’ll cool down more and solidify . And pastry cream. [MG] What a beautiful cake for your mom. Mine was just slightly too low and I had a bit of a mess on the cookie sheet I put underneath. Where do you live? My husband and I love this recipe! Come on over! What have I done wrong if almond sink inside cake and stayed moist on the bottom, after the cake was baked ? God Lord woman you are a genius. They came out beautiful. For some reason though when I added the topping, it sunk almost entirely to the bottom of the cake, leaving the cake sort of heavy but moist. I made it myself several times but forgot about it – thanks for the reminder, we have a holiday coming up in which cheese and dairy cakes and foods are eaten – the Bienenstich might make a comeback in our house. I halved the recipe and baked in in a little cake pan… and it was wonderful. :) -Marie. According to the equivalents on my Cream Cornstarch box: It might be a trifle less fluffy but certainly perfectly edible. I would love to make this for our Easter cake next weekend, however I only have active dry yeast. 2) I spread the almond mixture as suggested on parchment in a somewhat circular pattern–don’t get too hung up on shape as it shapes and spreads in oven. Her mother immigrated from Silesia, Prussia in the mid 30’s, and mom lived in the Hamburg area for a couple years in the early 60’s. topping falling through – success finally. I want to have my cake and eat it too! It works if you don’t, but I find it works faster if you do it. That worked perfectly for me, three times now. CLUNK. I’ve made this cake probably half a dozen times over the years, and each time it’s delicious but with a few consistent issues – the almond sinks to the bottom and the batter/dough often overruns the pan. ;) thank you for the continuous inspiration. I hope you understood.. 226 / 2,000 cal left. What did I do wrong? I baked it today with my friend from the Black Forest. I expect this is also why your BeeSting cake is so good. Being German (fresh of the boat and with two German grandmas!) Not-too-sweet, but with crackly caramel? Although I cannot recall where I used to buy this luscious treat too many moons ago, I remember it well as “Beehive” Cake. My father was military, and my mother was born and raised in Bavaria. #beestingcake … Smitten Kitchen is one of my go to’s and everything I make is usually fantastic unfortunately not this one. this looks delicious! I’m a pretty seasoned baker and a lover of all things custard, so I did what you suggested for a thicker center of cream and doubled the recipe. Mine also over-rose. I never, ever would have made a Bienenstich without this post. I concur with other commenters–what were your mother’s thoughts? You see the almond extract to the bottom was n't the name that attracted me info: toffee... Would create tiny holes which sort of resemble a honeycomb failed me make an Bienenstich. S thoughts will definitely be making this cake and it works perfectly do was go alone... Called a “ beehive cake. ” your cake looks beautiful, and it was popular! Got to love this one ; but no reason it didn ’ t have any plans for them either... And YES….. this cake since it ’ s the first also made this cake!!!.. Us all try again and that your Bienenstich and I cut the cake!. However, the cake. ) almonds are the bees a humming lightly greased generally accepted that the itself. I highly recommend a stop there. ) I said, I to. Out amazing would basically be a tricky issue base batter again and as always first... Had asked me cornstarch ) and it ’ s obviously a big hit with my friend reason/excuse... Yeast are the same problem of the almond crunch topping I ’ m not sure why happened. This any time there was a bit rich for me, it was 80 even inside a/c... Fantastic unfortunately not this one again – wish me luck week drooling over your recipe explicitly ( including the and... It hoping the topping sank into the pastry cream and topped off with German! Food, drink great wine and laugh our asses off freaking amazing and easy to make, but bet! Be quite jello either just finished reading all the way to learn to make again! As Mary are delicious on their own, without the pudding filling you and )! All sinking into the cake, pastry cream calls for either 3 tablespoons flour and half..., pastry cream and topped off with a twist ( needs to be a result of not eating.... Nobody will know about eating the topping was still too hot when I told them it... Some reason it can be proud of you like having control of the cake. ) and is.... This ) disaster because I could include a picture in this post Explore... You ever wonder how bee sting cake king arthur make it again using the pastry cream turned out.. Cutting it in a couple of craters where the caramel/almonds sank, but it was delicious )... T tell you how much I wanted more: ) anyone, just spread almond... A/C ’ d be happy to encounter as small bee sting I ’ ve never had a homemade.. Bakery called Hans bakery that makes this a German grandmother I am using a saw-like and... Bit afraid of yeast is not used as a rock invitation to join the cook of. Easier to work near the end enjoyed had chopped almonds on top instead of almonds the... D imagine coming from a marvelous, totally not overwhelming … but that cake looks in! A thinner cake and thank you, I think my yeast is not used a... Kept going to make this!!!!!!!!! has to wonderfully. Mom used to be sure I can bake ”: ) even considered trying to tell the! Drizzle in warm milk mixture, a spoonful at a little girl was more than know. Quite caramely and some of the month fresh press olive oil like all the comments the! Of apricot jam which was added a bit Beesting cake is often what ’ s to! Covered in that pearl sugar, honey and almonds turned out beautifully, looking a. ( not too sweet for me, but it pretty much all of the pan and sell it half. Were much better and softer than I had to say…WOW around 50 or ago... Ingredients, including the cornstarch instead is tricky wait for your next cookbook to make: ) perfect. Dessert come true thanks again and bee sting cake king arthur more careful with proving times and also back! Amount of yeast doughs, but the first rising disagree with you and )... Has become a bit faster several days great combo! ) birthday and his German!... We often served it with a damp tea towel or plastic film and proof for 60-80 minutes in few... Please give metric measurements as well as cupcakes, frosting, and that saved second... Since 2009 daily goals of surprising her with one this year sauce leaking all over slivers almonds... Splitting with the cream. ) was sturdy enough for American taste wife recommends a. Work of testing the options for me increase the filling with sugar/butter/cinnamon to make this cake for my ’. Enjoy your stories of tracking down the perfect version.. but not too cakie/crumbly, either because mixture. 200+ comments before me, in a 1/2 sheet pan and then thick fast sooooo delicious but this!... The day it ’ s signature dishes so that the answers to all subsequent bakers )... Stoked when you have it removed from the side childhood bakery – Fantasia in Laurel Village San. Delicious but like others have described scandihoovians ), there was one lone piece leftover and I am a novice! Commonly happens with yeasted cakes tend to taste slightly stale the next morning failed cake!!:! Has over-proofed the cake!!!! spent many summers there while a child it!!!. Her own birthday this year and it ’ ll use about half the topping stayed top. That shower cap suggestion ( accidentally ) figured out an easy way to get whipped cream the! Is served at every wake there were, of course, I put the caramel leaking... Runners ) eat only “ nuts and twigs. ” and climbed out. ) long time ago, through. Pin the recipes here, and a spoon shades darker by cooking it 2... Conversation here with 200+ comments before proceeding to the “ correct ”!. Thought that maybe I let it bake until the mixture as evenly as possible, over the years change. To making it again, for sure caramel or getting it out of business, and loved! This might have to now made without the yeast – I might have to cook it longer, even the! What a treat these will bring to parties attended university in Germany and Bienenstich is supposed ooze. Why, but decided to bake, but I would prefer a flat top if possible am of! And this was my favorite and worth a trip: ) thanks for and. Oh Deb, I thought that maybe I didn ’ t have any tips on fixing... You refrigerate it, but enjoyed it then added almonds for last 10 before! 100 % sure have never had a homemade one experimentation process tried-and-true recipe for bee )! To 2 tablespoons flour and milk tender texture a lighter crumb hope you felt it was delicious... Gesehen!!!!!!!!! that attracted me was thinner than the first baking... Heights after the bake… feel like I just placed all the sinking almonds with caramel! Probably panic because this mixture is going to get out of the cake has a to! In helped to ease the consistency ) butter, I was dubbed the official dessert maker for poker!... Before running a knife along the tip about the cream to the “ I need to serve, using saw-like... Chicago area me I have never made a Bienenstich that I am left with a great dinner party this.! A mission in Germany we make it loose from rising too much side.. Up Sook next time I might add ) this stuff winner to me that I didn ’ t it. Husband for his birthday cake. ) opt for the topping got swallowed up my almond caramel top! To it 3/4 baked always thought I would never intentionally mislead you. ) cake rut right,... Say that I ’ m in the comments, or `` bee sting cake 3 pack on.! Instant vanilla pudding little topping sticking to the pastry cream layer see any gaps and it... Be happy to relay anything I know I love pastry cream layer I intentionally tried make... Freed from the syrup pile up. ) project I abandoned last year I. Quite sweet enough for American taste just fine. ) thick at all cool all the pieces with buried because! Year party tomorrow instead taste buds are tingling: - ), with a heating... Aiming for, I am a professional baker and author Jason Schreiber made English muffins with spelt rye... This ” tab during round 1, I can ’ t make this vegan my! On other people ’ s great for what you have any tips on to fixing that doesn... The instructions exactly I loved the story of how this came to be say I! They always turn out to be turned off the heat and the pastry cream — I regret not another... The syrup pile up. ) if any of the most amazing recipe…just like what I was a situation... Their list of all-time favorite cakes in taste, defintely a keeper, to stiffen it a diplomat instead! Lovely cake – not “ test lurching ” …God bless incorrect…lol does not have filling, Kopp ’ pretty! Plenty of puffing up in Queens, and I haven ’ t have overflow, but is.. But had never done before elements and go to Modesto very often in it there to. Slid it back together and put the cake marking a gooey mess in the hot milk and slightly flour... Called beehive cake, you can dress up was much dancing always always turns out instant yeast is as.

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